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4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Practice

Updated: Aug 10

As a professional coach I am always thinking of ways to get more out of training sessions with clients.

Below I share 4 observations I have gathered when getting the best results.

  1. Instead of giving feedback after every shot and having the student become dependant upon it , feedback is best given at the end of the lesson.

  2. When learning how to hit off grass it is best to start off by giving yourself a really good lie and gradually making it harder.

  3. Variable practice meaning using all your clubs improves real world on course lowering of scores more than block practice which is say just hitting a 7 iron.

  4. Learning a skill as a whole and then its individual bits works better than 1 or the other.

It actually takes thousands of repetitions before movements become automatic and fluid.

You need to know how to teach your body. And be patient. You cannot force results. Your body will adapt over time.


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