The Corporate golf day can be a daunting experience for both staff and business partners invited. A lot of the time having been involved for companies such as Compass group, The Sydney Swans, Oakley, and many more, people can turn up without the skills needed to have a fun day, without you knowing.


To add value and make the day a positive memorable experience it is a must to contract professional experience.

A 3 part strategy works best:

1.30 minute instruction clinic pre game. Just explaining basic movements so your VIP'S can make to get the golf ball in the air and few technical suggestions for the more experienced golfer.

2. Playing a hole or 2 with each group hopefully adding a birdie to their card and also making sure the pace of play is maintained, you really don't want the dinner to be at 10.00pm. and a search party sent out to find missing groups.

3. Taking video of the players swings and providing some analysis at the pre dinner drinks.

Price $35.00 per person, minimum 20 people.

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