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Welcome, I would like to start by asking you what you think the difference is between where your

golf swing is now and where you would like it to be? 


For me it was the information I learned from great mentors, along with my personal journey of

building my swing, and it's this experience I have gained that is valuable in both saving you time and disappointment.

You really only have to learn the GOLDEN rules of the golf swing and it all fit's into place.

Darren Golsby Golf - 20 Years Golf Teaching Experience                         


  • Barton Park Golf Range Sydney- (2016 -Present)

  • Sydney Golf Academy – Moore Park Golf Club (2011-2016)

  • Kunming China - Spring City Golf & Lake Resort (2008-2010)

  • Orchid and Keppel Country Club's Singapore (2006)

  • Hudson Park Golf Course Strathfield (2002)

  • Cronulla Driving Range (1999)